Photo Entry

Email us a picture of your Smarty Paws with their leash.

Please include their name and a story if you have one -.jpeg images preferred. We will post it here and on our Facebook and Instagram pages!   Send to:

dog on a leash

Jill and Pasha the "squirrel chaser" sporting her new leash "IGNORE THE SQUIRREL... SERIOUSLY?"

woman and dog

Nina posing for a selfie picture with her new found admirer because her leash says "OPEN TO SELFIES WITH YOU!"

a man with a little dog

This little girl seems to think her Dad would be happier with a woman in his life because her leash says "MY DAD'S SINGLE!"

woman with a little black dog

Marni rescued Bella and Bella couldn't be happier! She's proud to let everyone know that "RESCUED DOGS RULE!