Ideas for "Sayings"?

Get a Personalized Smarty Paws Leash for Free

We Smarty Paws came up with the "sayings" that we wanted on our leashes, but we recognize that we don't speak for all the millions of dogs out there. So our humans suggested that we ask our visitors if they had "sayings" that better reflected the personality and attitudes of their dogs. We think they came up with a great idea!

If you suggest a leash "saying" for your dog's attitude that we like and actually produce, we will give you credit and send you the leash for free! 

Here's the deal:

1. If more that one person submits the same "saying", the first to submit will receive the credit and the leash if we produce it. Submissions will be confirmed by email.

2. We will not produce any ''saying" that is political or profane. The FUN "sayings" that are submitted should be no longer than 30 characters and spaces in length.

Have fun capturing your dog's attitude!

The Smarty Paws

Ideas from Deb Brunsten, Los Angeles

Musical versions:
"Please Re-Leash me let me go"
"Well I'll be dog-gone!"
"Bark in the USA" (Born in the USA)
"I Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog"
"Dog Life" (Pop Life)
"Walkin' the Dog" (Walking the Dog)
"Who Let the Dog Out?"
"Puppy Love"
"Dog Days"