What Is The Smarty Paws Leash That Expresses Your Dog's Attitude?

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You Know What Your Dog Is Thinking. Now Give Them a Voice.

All dog owners talk to their dogs as if they were humans. Many actually have conversations with their companions in which they create the questions or responses they know their dog would say if in fact they could speak. 

If you are one of those people, you can now give your dog a voice! As you might have a T-shirt that expresses your attitude or personality, so now can your furry friend - not on a T-Shirt but beautifully embroidered on their leash!

The Smarty Paws gang each came up with a leash that expresses their own personal attitude, personality or point of view. Here they are to explain their choices!


The Leash for the Confident Smarty Paws


The Leash for the Happy and Proud Smarty Paws


The Leash for the Thoughtful 
Smarty Paws


The Leash for the Too Cool 
Smarty Paws


The Leash for the Naughty 
Smarty Paws


The Leash for the Squirrel Crazy 
Smarty Paws

The Leash for the Philosophical
Smarty Paws

The Leash for the High Hopes
Smarty Paws


Did you recognize your dog as having the same attitude, personality or point of view as one of the Smarty Paws? If so, you might want to visit their home and view all their leashes, collars and colors. Smarty Paws leashes are also available on Amazon.

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  • Marnie Tenden on

    These leashes are great! I’m going to get Who’s Walking Who? for my best friend!

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