Is Your Smarty Paws Dog a Genius?

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According to Dognition Assessments of over 20,000 Dogs, There is a 3% Chance Your Dog is an Einstein!

Just as everyone wants to have smart kids, most people want to brag that they have a smart dog.

"However", says Stanley Coren Ph.D in the Canine Corner of Psychology Today, "whether a dog is "smart" or "dumb" depends upon the specific aspects of its behavior we consider. For example, was Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein intelligent? Obviously, to derive the theory of relativity required a mathematical genius. Yet Einstein was so bad at simple arithmetic that his checkbook was always out of balance!"

What is Your Dog's Dognition Profile?

Dognition is the brainchild of Dr Brian Hare, professor of evolutionary anthropology at Duke University in North Carolina. He, along with the world's leading canine scientists and trainers, created the Dognition Assessment: interactive games and expert analyses that give you an unprecedented perspective on how your dog sees the world. 

The Assessment provides a window into your dog's individual cognitive style — the thinking, learning, and problem-solving strategies that influence much of your dog's behavior. When completed, you receive your dog's unique 10-15 page Profile Report and also your dog's Profile Type. Each of the nine profile types represents a distinct combination of characteristics that shape your dog's approach to everyday life.

How Do You Get Your Dog's Profile?

For just $19, you can join the thousands who are discovering their dog’s mind!

When you sign into Dogntion to get started with your dog's assessment, you will be provided with detailed instructions and how-to videos in the Dognition online tool. They will walk you and your dog through each of 20 games you will play with your dog, allowing you to record your dog's responses at every step. All that's required is a little space at home, a few household items, an internet connection, and your best friend!

The games have been created by scientists, trainers, and behavioral specialists. They are fun and easy for anyone to play with their dog at home. In the time you would normally take your dog for a walk, you can gain a whole new understanding of your dog's unique genius. Proud pet parents are raving about Dognition.

In future blogs we will go into more detail on the different Profiles and the percentage of dogs in each.  In the meantime, you might want to take a look at Smarty Paws "dog talk" embroidered leashes that tell the world exactly what (we think) our dog's are thinking!



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