About Smarty Paws Pet Fashion

The Inspiration


My name is Marnie, and I am the creator and sole owner of Smarty Paws "dog talk" leashes. Well, maybe that's not quite true, because my co-creator and inspiration is Annie, my daughter. She is a Red Merle Australian Shepherd and the love of my life. She came up with the name.

I have been the proud parent of several dogs (and cats) over the years, and I have always had a special bond with them. Through their eyes, woofs and actions, we have communicated on a very personal level, and our "conversations" have made clear to me what they are thinking and would "say" if they could "talk"!

Dog Talk

This was the inspiration for Smarty Paws. I wanted to translate their thoughts and attitudes into words so that when they went out in the world with the only thing they normally wear, a leash, the leash could speak for them. People might find their thoughts interesting or humorous and start a conversation with the dog, and maybe even me!

I started creating my first line of leashes and collars in 2017. I had two goals: 1. To provide my fellow dog lovers with strong, very high quality and fashionable leashes that could fit into anyone's budget and put smiles on people's faces, and 2. To contribute both pet fashion products and a percentage of profits to animal rescue organizations.

I will continue to do both and add new fun leash "sayings" to my online pet store inventory. New ideas for those sayings are always welcome, and if one of those ideas winds up on a leash, the author will get one of those leashes for free!

If you have any questions, you can fill out the Contact form on this site, or feel free to email us at contact@thesmartypaws.