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Get a “talking” dog leash to give your four-legged friend a voice!

If you are anything like us, you like talking with your dog. The only downside of your conversations is that they are… well, one-sided. And even though you can probably guess what your furry friend thinks most of the time, wouldn’t it just be wonderful if dogs could finally speak their mind? We think so too! That is why Smarty Paws has released the latest in pet fashion, a collection of embroidered dog leashes with hilarious “sayings” that will finally give your friend a voice. 

You and your dog can share the fun!

Walks with your dog will take on a new dimension. People will stop you and ask where you got such a fun leash. There will be laughter. You both will make new friends.

Fun doesn't come at the cost of quality!

These totally unique dog leashes and dog collars are made with strong 2-ply nylon, longer lasting than the ones you find in pet stores. You can only get them here so start finding the perfect one for your pup.  Every purchase supports rescues.

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Also, if you send us "saying" ideas for new dog leashes and we wind up making one, we will give that leash for free!

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